Our Specialized Department‘Plungers en Barrels’

Long, short, simple or complex, we can copy (fabricate new) any type or making of plunger.

We also fabricate new plungers and barrels for all types of engines. 30 years of experience have taught us exactly how to deal with the changing of material characteristics.

‘Playing’ with tolerances (which are different from one maker to the other) has made us fully aware of the delicate expansion between plunger and barrel at such small tolerances.

We carry a large stock of new readymade plungers for most types and makings of pump elements (Plungers en Barrels).

The strength of our company,

we believe, comes from our very competitive prices, combined with a flexible service. In fact - automatically - due to the staff high degree of technical education, our long experience and the high technology of specialized machinery – the quality of our work cannot be anything less than ‘excellent’.


  • Fuel Valves
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Woodward
  • Governors
  • Inlet/Exhaust Valves + Seats
  • Supply New Parts
  • Hydraulics

We do

  • Reconditioning of fuel injection pumps, pump elements and relief valves. We also do the TIMING of fuel pumps… in place, also abroad.
  • Reconditioning of fuel injectors and separate nozzles (both injection pumps and fuel injectors we disconnect (build out) and fit back in place if required).
  • As official dealers of different kinds, we sell a full range of parts for:
    • Injection pumps
    • Fuel injectors

Nozzles – needle guides – spray tips – pump elements (also called plungers en barrels) – delivery valves – safety valves etc.

Our Specialized Department ‘Fuel Injector Nozzle Sand Complete Fuel Injector’

Our success in this department is due to the fact that we can recondition any type and making of nozzles and injectors.

As we carry a large stock of new, oversize needles, we are able to recondition ‘fuel injectors’ nozzles in a minimum of time.

(mostly while vessels stay in port).

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